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Hawaiian Wordle: Learn Hawaiian Words Every Day

Wordle became a worldwide sensation seemingly overnight. It got so big that the New York Times ended up buying it, and yes, we are worried about what this means. Luckily, many spinoffs of Wordle exist, including Airportle, created by Scott’s Cheap flights. My favorite, however, is Panga. Let me tell you all about it! How…

6 Halloween Activities on Maui for Children and Adults

A tropical paradise like Maui seems like an unlikely place to enjoy Halloween festivities. Luckily for those who live here or are visiting during October, there are plenty of spooktastic activities for children and adults alike. I’ve already written about several ways to enjoy fall in Hawaii, including visiting a locally grown pumpkin patch with…

How to Experience Fall in Hawaii: Autumn in a Tropical Paradise 101

Today is the first day of fall, a fact that I discovered thanks to the Google doodle that showed a cute hedgehog that rained leaves when I clicked it. Unlike many of my friends and family members, I cannot see the signs of fall IRL because I live on Maui and there is no typical…

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