6 Halloween Activities on Maui for Children and Adults

A tropical paradise like Maui seems like an unlikely place to enjoy Halloween festivities. Luckily for those who live here or are visiting during October, there are plenty of spooktastic activities for children and adults alike. I’ve already written about several ways to enjoy fall in Hawaii, including visiting a locally grown pumpkin patch with impressive views of the island. Today, I’ll give you tips on the best places to go if you love Halloween! 

1. The Halloween Hunt 

Do you enjoy shooting zombies? I know I do, even though I’ve never done it before! With Maui Paintball’s event, the Halloween Hunt, you get military-grade lasers to shoot monsters with. Fun, right? I sure think so. Apparently, in previous years, you could stay in your vehicle, but this year the victims-I mean willing participants-are on foot for the entire half-mile stretch. Tickets cost $20 per person this weekend and $30 per person next weekend. You can read more about it and book your tickets here.

2. Haunted Haiku Hike

I enjoy spooky paranormal things as much as anyone, but I am even more fascinated by true horror stories (yes, I binge Lifetime movies.) The Haunted Haiku Hike is organized by Awalau Farms, and it involves a hike down a forested trail at night while listening to spooky Hawaiian stories. Is this the perfect way to enjoy Halloween while learning more about local history and culture? I sure think so! Tickets cost $40 for adults and $20 for kids; book here

3. Halloween Monster Maze

For fewer tricks and more treats, check out the Halloween Monster Maze in Lahaina. This free event is meant for children who want to do some safe trunk-or-treating. Although the event is free, you do have to register because slots are limited. The event starts at 5 PM on October 31st and goes until 9 PM. You can register to participate and donate to the cause here.

4. Virtual Pet Costume Contest

Halloween isn’t just for human children; pets of all shapes and sizes can also enjoy (or be bribed) into participating. The Virtual Pet Costume Contest runs from October 10th until October 31st, and there is even a $50 KKV Gift Card for the most popular costume! It doesn’t matter if your pet has fur, feather, or scales; any pet can enter free of charge! Learn more about the event and submit your photos here.


Hide your kids, hide your wife. Just kidding, bring your wife, but maybe not the kids, as this event takes place in a bar that serves adult beverages such as Frozen Blood Orange Draculada and Monster Mule. Down the Hatch is a popular bar on Maui, and they are determined to keep Halloween fun but safe with their A Place for Ghouls & Ghosts event – check it out if you dare

6. Haunted Studio

I discovered this fun event while visiting my favorite coffee spot on Maui, Maui Coffee Roasters (they make a mean PSL.) This haunted tour takes 30-40 minutes, and there are slots for children and adults, but there are also adult-only ones. My husband and I will be going to the adult-only one and enjoying the “extra adrenaline rush” because we “dare to be scared.” I have zero clue what to expect, but I am super excited to find out! Tickets are $15 per person and are available for purchase on Eventbrite.

Normally, the Lahaina Halloween Parade and Party on Front Street would be making this list, but unfortunately, it was canceled this year due to COVID-19. Normally this event is perfect for children during the day and turns more adult-themed later in the evening. While people may still dress up and bar hop on Front Street for Halloween this year, there will be no official parade or party. If you choose to go here or anywhere else, please follow the government’s guidelines on safety. These are updated regularly based on new cases and research.

I cannot wait to enjoy at least four of these events, if not all six. This is my first Halloween on Maui, and I am excited to get a lay of the (spooktastic) land. Check back in at The Aloha Bug Bite for reviews of these events, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, The Travel Bug Bite, for videos of us at these events. Mahalo for reading!

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